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Solar Power Beyond California

Solar Philanthropy

At Solaron, we’re proud to assist the local community in using California’s abundance of sunlight. We’re also proud of our partnership with companies like SunPower, who manufacture photovoltaic panels that lead the market in efficiency and reliability. SunPower also contributes to communities — not just locally, but worldwide. Partnering with non-profits, SunPower maintains an endeavor to educate others on solar energy, while providing solar power for areas without electricity.

Sharing Photovoltaic Knowledge

For over one billion individuals across the globe, electricity is a luxury they cannot afford. SunPower helps alleviate this situation by supporting We Share Solar. This group educates local teachers about solar energy and how solar panels work. The teachers attend informational workshops on photovoltaics and then apply their new knowledge to build a “solar suitcase” that transfers energy from solar panels to batteries, lights and electronic devices. The educators pass on what they learn by teaching students, who then make additional suitcases for distribution overseas.

Sharing Solar Energy Products

Once these suitcases are built and tested, We Share Solar distributes them to countries around the globe. Volunteers install the systems in remote schools that have no electricity. Not only does this provide light and security when the sun goes down, but it also allows the charging of electrical devices used by the school, students and teachers. For example, portable lights go home with students to let them study and do homework after dark. When Solaron installs solar panels here in Sacramento and Northern California, we use panels from SunPower, and that helps support philanthropic efforts like these.

For more information on SunPower photovoltaic systems for your home, contact Solaron by phone or use our online request form to schedule time with one of our agents. We’re happy to discuss bringing solar power to you, just as SunPower and We Share Solar bring it to the world!

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