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Solaron and SunPower Have Your Back

Solar Warranty

Enjoy the Best Solar Panel Warranty

Whenever anyone makes a big investment by purchasing a car, home, computer or photovoltaic energy system, they anticipate it will do what it’s designed to do for the life of the product. They want to make sure their investment is protected in the case of significant changes in performance. They have the right to expect the manufacturer to stand behind their product if anything unforeseen happens. That’s why manufacturers offer warranties on their products. What kind of warranty can you expect with solar panels?

Warranties are Solar Assurances

There are two main types of warranties when dealing with solar panels:

  • Product or materials warranty — a product warranty covers the actual panels in the case of defects, failures, or environmental issues.
  • Performance warranty — a performance warranty makes sure the panels continue producing at least the minimum expected amount of electricity during the warranty period.

It’s true that solar panels lose some ability to generate electricity over time. Most solar warranties allow for a loss of 20% electricity production. In contrast, SunPower guarantees your panels will lose no less than 8% of their generating capacity for the full duration of the warranty. This warranty guarantees high performance and repair of any under-performing photovoltaic panels — including removal of the bad panel as well as shipping and installation of the replacement panel. But the best part is, the duration of SunPower’s warranty on each of their panels is 25 years.

A 25-Year Solar Panel Warranty

According to, most other companies offer an average of 10 or 12-year warranties for their panels. In short, SunPower’s warranty on their panels is twice the length of most competitors, and their panels have more than double the effectiveness over time! SunPower wraps both types of warranties into one — it covers both the product and the performance!

A Warranty Backed by Two Companies

Solaron has over 4000 solar projects successfully installed throughout California. Since Solaron works exclusively with SunPower panels, their 25-year warranty covers each of those projects. Even under such a great warranty, it’s very rare that SunPower panels need replacing. If you suspect any issues with your SunPower system, we have your back. Give Solaron a call, or schedule a free appointment online. If any of your panels do need replacing, we change out the panels in question at no cost to you — the Home Solar Power Warranty covers it all!

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