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The Cost of Solar Panels Has Dropped!

Cost Reduction

How much cheaper are household solar panels now compared to the time when they first became commercially available? Financial reporters The Motley Fool released an article quoting the Solar Energy Industries Association as saying that in 1977, the price for a watt of power generation via solar cells was $77. Today, that cost comes in at only 21 cents per watt! That’s a price drop of over 99%!

How Can You Benefit from the Price Drop?

Solaron of Sacramento installs only the best commercially available solar panels for residential customers — SunPower. Located here in California and manufacturing panels in Oregon, SunPower makes high efficiency, high durability panels that work better than their competitors’ and last far longer. Any additional upfront costs due to better materials and workmanship is made up by the improved performance that comes from using a quality product.

And the improvements never stop! Like many technological endeavors, SunPower continues to research generating electricity from solar photons. As they make improvements and test them at their California labs and experimental manufacturing facility, these upgrades are rolled out to the products that companies like Solaron install in the field, right here in Sacramento, the Bay Area and the rest of Northern California.

To see how you can take advantage of the huge price drop in solar panels and the continuing improvements in solar technology, contact Solaron for a free consultation and quote today!

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