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The Data Behind SunPower Solar Cells

SunPower Solar Panels

In 2016, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory rated SunPower’s consumer solar cells to be the most efficient in the industry at nearly 23%. This federal lab uses stringent testing to guarantee its results, documenting the value you obtain when buying SunPower photovoltaic (PV) cells. This stellar record of quality is the reason why Solaron of Sacramento uses only SunPower systems when installing solar panels. Why are SunPower solar cells so effective at capturing light from the sun?

First, we should make a comparison. The industry average efficiency for consumer solar cells is anywhere from fifteen to eighteen percent. SunPower cells are thus more than 70% more efficient than the competition. The reason for this significant difference lies in the superior construction behind every SunPower photovoltaic cell.

Looking inside a PV Cell

The first thing to collect the sun’s light is the solar cell’s cover. Typically, these are covered with metal grid lines that reflect photons away from the solar cell. SunPower avoids this problem by using all-black covers that cannot corrode and do not bounce light away from the critical photovoltaics underneath.

Secondly, SunPower uses a solid copper base as the final backstop for photons that enter the cell. SunPower and independent laboratories have consistently demonstrated that copper provides exceptional durability and efficiency in PV cells. Competitors often use metal pastes for their backings, and nothing about the word “paste” suggests strength or efficiency, as we’re sure you’d agree!

Finally, the inner layers of SunPower’s PV cells are manufactured with high-quality silicon, leading to their record-breaking electrical output. What does that mean in terms of actual wattages, the measurement of power produced by the solar panel? Consider that the latest X-series solar panel from SunPower produces 360 watts. Similar-sized solar panels from other manufacturers typically produce only 250 watts of power. Since you want to squeeze every bit of power from your rooftop installation and space is limited, the more efficient your solar panels, the more energy you produce. By this measure especially, SunPower solar panels win on every count, making them the best choice for our customers!

For more information about how Solaron can help you install the industry-leading solar panels from SunPower, contact one of our helpful Sacramento technicians today by calling 916-631-9293 or by using our convenient online request form.

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