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Yolo County Uses SunPower

Yolo County Uses SunPower

Nearby Yolo County is the only county in the entire United States that produces more electricity than it takes from the grid. Through careful planning and the assistance of SunPower technicians, Yolo County produces over 150% of its necessary electricity with SunPower photovoltaic systems. The end result is a net gain of some $600,000 every year from electricity produced by their SunPower solar panels. Solaron of Sacramento is an approved installer for SunPower equipment and we only use SunPower in every installation.

Why Yolo Chose SunPower

Terry Vernon, Manager of Capital Projects and Sustainability for the county, states that SunPower was the manufacturer of choice due to their honesty and customer service. Most importantly, their solar panels were “57% more efficient than their closest competitor.” You too get the SunPower advantage when you choose Solaron to install your solar electricity system.

Savings Over Time — A Long Time

Yolo County estimates that their SunPower solar system will last approximately 35 years. The net gain to the county from sending electricity to the grid over that period is planned to be over $60 million! While you may not have the same amount of space that Yolo County has available, you too can gain tremendous economic advantages from going with SunPower solar panels. For more information about how you can join Yolo County in saving money and doing your part for sustainability, contact the honest and reliable solar technicians at Solaron in Sacramento!

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