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“If It Ain’t Broke…”


Heliocol solar pool heating systems have been on the market for over 40 years. They are the most recognizable swimming pool heating systems in Sacramento or the Bay Area. When you see those thin black panels on the rooftop of a home or business, there’s no doubt in your mind they’re attached to a swimming pool. And every year, often starting in early Spring, you see more and more of these systems on rooftops. The results from the simple and efficient design of this swimming pool heating system are simply undeniable.

Interestingly, the design and construction of the Heliocol system has gone through very few changes or modifications over those 40 years. In fact, when you compare them to the incredible upgrades and improvements seen in the solar panel industry during the same time, it seems like the Heliocol swimming pool heating system has gone through very little improvement. How are we supposed to take that? Is the Heliocol system falling behind?

It’s for Heating, Not Electricity

It’s important to understand the difference between Heliocol solar pool heating systems and solar power electric systems. They are not the same thing. Solar panels collect light from the sun and convert it into electricity to power your home, your appliances, and even your car. But they do not power your swimming pool. Perhaps they provide electricity for the pool’s water pump, but rarely if ever are they used to heat up the water in your swimming pool.

Conversely, the Heliocol solar swimming pool heating system uses the heat from the sun to increase the overall temperature of the water in your swimming pool. It doesn’t even use any electricity. The system uses the established water flow from the water pump of your swimming pool. The water is diverted through special tubes laced within black panels. The sun’s rays heat up the panels, the panels heat up the water flowing through them, and the heated water is redirected back into the swimming pool. Although these systems both use the sun to produce results, they are not producing the same results, so they should not be compared with each other.

Reliability Built In

Of course there have been some improvements over the years with the Heliocol system – like the mounting hardware or installation techniques. But the main system for using the sun’s heat to increase water temperature is so simple, so effective, that it doesn’t really need any improvements in method or technology. The system is the best it can be, which means the Heliocol solar pool heating system is the best way to heat up or cool down the temperature of your swimming pool. In fact, your Heliocol system comes with a 12-year warranty that includes the cost of parts and labor, and they even offer parts replacement after the warranty!

If you want your home to benefit from the sun, there’s two main ways to do that: solar power systems and solar pool heating systems. Solaron helps with both! To find out more, give our office a call. Or if you prefer, schedule a free solar analysis for your home by filling out our online form. Whether you want the simple reliability of the Heliocol solar pool heating system or the best photovoltaic system available, we’re happy to help!

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