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Is Solar Pool Heating Cost Effective?

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There are two different answers to the question of whether solar pool heating is cost effective. The first looks at homeowners who want to add a heating system to their pool. The other considers pools that already have a heating system in place. In either case, the helpful team at Solaron in Sacramento is ready to help with the following information about options in pool heating.

I Need a Swimming Pool Heater

While many Californians forego swimming pool heating due to our usually warm climate, some households want to start using their pool once the spring flowers start to bloom. They also want to swim past the changing colors of fall. To do this requires pool heating.

When it comes to pool heaters, there are three different types of systems:

  • Solar pool heating
  • Electrical heat pumps
  • Gas heaters

Installing a gas heater will likely be the most expensive proposition, as it requires a gas line near your existing swimming pool filter pump. Retrofitting a pool for gas heating is therefore beset by a higher installation cost right up front. Since a filter pump system already needs electricity, a heat pump may just require an electrical reconfiguration, but the possibility of needing new electrical service also exists. Solar pool heating has none of these requirements! A solar pool heater connects right into your existing filter pump system and has minimal electrical requirements for a thermostat and control system. So the upfront costs for a solar pool heater are often less due to the simplicity of the system.

I Have a Swimming Pool Heater

For these clients, this is where a solar pool heater “shines” as the best possible choice. Here are the annual costs for running the three types of heating systems in California:

Of course, it does cost electricity to circulate the water through your solar pool heating system, but you would spend that money anyway just to keep your pool clean and filtered. Therefore, the actual costs for solar pool heating are absolutely minimal. As a result, in comparing swimming pool heating costs, the Home Advisor website states: “The cost to install a swimming pool heater that is solar-based will likely be the most affordable option.”

For a professional solar pool heater installation, call the experts at Solaron! With more than two decades in the solar business, Solaron knows how to create efficient solar heating systems that satisfy our customers. Enjoy a longer swimming season and maximize the use of your pool with the ultimate in heating efficiency, a solar pool heater!

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I liked what you said about how you will need a pool heater for when you want to swim past the summer season. My uncle is upgrading his pool to make it safer to use year-round and is considering getting a solar pool heater. Thank you for the information about how solar heaters connect right into the existing pump system and have minimal electrical requirements for a thermostat and control system.

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