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Keep Cool with Heliocol

Keeping Cool

All our customers who take advantage of Heliocol solar pool heating in Sacramento and the Bay Area appreciate the opportunity to enjoy their swimming pools well into the autumn months as well as early spring. It’s a wonderful relief to know the pool water will not be icy cold as you take a dip. In fact, many customers love to find that perfect temperature – not too cold and not too hot – that lets them rely on their swimming pool for entertainment, exercise, and simple relaxation a good 6 months of the year.

But swimming pool owners also know that the summer months often carry the heat for too long. The ongoing heat makes the water in the pool tepid, with temperatures higher than any homeowner would call relaxing. At that point, a swimming pool heating system might seem counterproductive. Thankfully, the Heliocol solar pool heating system gives you another perk, and it helps out with warm water in summer months.

A Solar Pool Cooling System

The primary idea for the Heliocol solar pool heating system is to transfer the heat of the sun’s rays to the water of your swimming pool. That way, the temperature of your swimming pool’s water stays at a level that you feel comfortable. It’s not too freezing to enjoy. During California summers, however, that’s never a problem. In fact, sometimes the opposite is true, where the water is warmed by the sun without any interference. At that point, even a morning dip is unrefreshing.

Heliocol solar pool heating systems offer an alternative. As night falls, both the Sacramento area and the Bay Area benefit from breezes that flow over California rooftops. These breezes bring cooler air and help to reduce the heat of rooftop shingles – as well as Heliocol solar panels. Just as the sun’s rays heat up the panels, the night breezes cool them down. Instead of transferring heat to the water flowing through them, the panels reduce the heat, cooling down the water. As that water gets pumped back into your swimming pool, it reduces the ambient temperature.

Though designed for heating the water, the Heliocol solar pool heating system can also have the opposite effect, cooling down the water of your swimming pool. When you plunge in after a hard day’s work, the water’s temperature is refreshing and invigorating! With natural gas heating or electric heating, this benefit is simply not an option. The best way, and likely the only way, to cool down the water of your swimming pool in summer months is with the Heliocol solar pool thermostat system in Sacramento and the Bay Area.

Solaron is Happy to Help

The Heliocol system is not something you can just pick up at a local hardware store. Solaron is the #1 contractor for Heliocol solar pool heating systems in all of California. We have years of experience and training in installing these systems. Although the Heliocol system comes with a 12-year warranty, many of the systems we installed are still going strong many years after installation!

So, are you ready to enjoy your swimming pool more often? Solaron is ready to help your home benefit with warmer pool temperatures in cooler months and cooler pool temperatures in warmer months. Give our office a call or schedule a free home solar analysis online.

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