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SunPower Refocuses on Residential

Residential Solar

Solaron supplies powerful, reliable photovoltaic systems to all of our customers. To do this, we work exclusively with SunPower, who offers the best products to their customers. Much like Solaron, SunPower realizes the importance of keeping focused, having a streamlined business to provide the best products and services possible. Now, SunPower has taken two steps that will help to provide an even better line of service to their customers.

Redirecting the Focus

In late 2021, SunPower made an informed, researched decision to find a buyer for the commercial side of their photovoltaic power systems businesses and redirect their efforts toward the fast-growing residential solar market. In an interview, CEO Peter Faricy acknowledged that the commercial and industrial side has plenty of potential for growth, but the company sees an opportunity for a more streamlined business with a focused strategy on the residential market.

This falls in line with an earlier restructuring, when SunPower separated their research and manufacturing division into its own company, Maxeon. This allowed SunPower to refocus their efforts on sales and customer service. By splitting off the commercial and industrial markets, SunPower is redirecting more of the company’s focus. The long-term goal is for SunPower to become a one-stop shop for all its residential customers, offering solar panel systems, electrical storage systems, electric vehicle options, and many other residential products in development.

Expanding Their Reach

To help reinforce this refocusing, SunPower acquired Blue Raven Solar, one of the fastest growing residential solar providers in the United States since its founding in 2014. Blue Raven Solar gives its customers an opportunity to have simple, reliable, affordable, high-quality solar power – just like SunPower and Solaron. Blue Raven Solar also strives to have the best customer service for their clients who invest in the solar power experience. Now that Blue Raven is part of the same team, their service and experience goals reinforce SunPower’s mission to provide the best possible solar power opportunities to their residential customers.

Solaron is proud to work exclusively with SunPower – not only because of their high-quality solar panel and storage systems or their comprehensive 25-year warranty, but because of their commitment to provide quality service to residential customers. To find out more on how to benefit from this refocusing of SunPower’s efforts, give Solaron a call. We’re happy to explain more about the circumstances as we provide you with a free solar analysis for your home. Give our office a call in Sacramento or the Bay area, or you can use our online form to schedule an appointment.

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