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California is Number One!

California is Number One

The Solar Energy Industries Association ranks the fifty states by comparing their amount of installed solar energy capacity and the amount of their new solar capacity that was built in the previous year. On both counts, California comes out on top! The state where you find Solaron installing solar electricity panels and solar swimming pool heating systems is thus the best state to live in if you’re interested in the ongoing development and installation of solar technology.

Solaron is proud to be part of this continuing movement in California to clean the air, improve our domestic energy use and tamp down the effects of carbon dioxide production. And that’s great! But ultimately, the benefits of California as a photovoltaic energy hotbed revolve around its large amount of sunshine.

Only Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona receive more sunshine throughout the year than California. That’s understandable, given the weather in those states and their location. Still, the average California year presents nearly 150 days of sunny weather. And SunPower solar cells are so efficient that, even on less than sunny days, they are still collecting light and generating solar energy.

The Bottom Line

Solaron of Sacramento believes solar system installation is an economical and environmentally friendly idea. And when you buy from Solaron, not only will you be getting an efficient SunPower solar energy system, you will also be getting more sunshine than almost everyone else in the entire United States. That means that your home will benefit from above-average efficiency, not just because you have the industry leading photovoltaic cells at work on your property, but also because California is Number One!

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