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Diverse Options for Generating Electricity

Green Energy

California is a diverse state! We have many different people from distinct backgrounds. We also have a wide choice of entertainment options, from movies to sports to the outdoors. In the outdoors, California enjoys a wide range of terrain, from mountains to flatlands, beaches to deserts, cityscapes and suburban areas. Therefore, it’s no wonder that California also diversifies electricity generation. According to data from the California Energy Commission, our state uses several sources to generate electricity, including:

There are other sources for generating electricity used by California, such as biomass, coal, oil, and waste heat, but they produce amounts that are insignificant (less than 3%) when compared to primary sources.

Energy Generation Caveats

We are well aware that fossil fuel and nuclear power use is finite, meaning they will all eventually be used up. Thankfully, renewable energy sources are heavily promoted in California. These include hydroelectric, geothermal, wind and solar panels for generating electricity. Renewable energy sources have their own challenges to meet. Wind turbines need areas with daily wind currents of significant average force. Hydroelectric power often requires dams, and that means a significant initial expenditure.

Benefits of Solar Power

The sun shines abundantly and frequently all over California – for the most part, you don’t need a specific geographical location. You can install solar panels on the roofs of most buildings, both residential and commercial. For example, you can see solar panels on the following structures and sites:

Collectively, installing solar panels in such locations could allow California to reach its goal of 100% electricity generation from renewable energy sources by 2045.

Renewable Energy is a Community Effort

Sure, a few panels on a detached garage roof might not make a large impact, but if half the population of California got together and had solar panels installed on as many roofs as possible, then a little bit here and there adds up to a whole lot! A recent article reported that California has 1.3 million homes with solar power systems, but recent census data indicates California has 14.8 million homes altogether! In short, there’s plenty of room to grow with solar and reach California’s power goals. Do you have a solar power system with your home or business? Would you like to find out what options are best for you? Give Solaron a call or schedule a free solar analysis online. We’ll show you how to benefit from California’s preferred option out of the diverse set of choices for generating electricity.

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