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Future Solar Tech

Solar Innovation

Everyone at Solaron is passionate about solar energy. We look for the best incentives, programs, and panel options for each of our customers. We also know how much the solar industry has progressed in the last few decades, and it excites us to think of what the future might hold.

In recent posts, we discussed innovative solar technologies that show some of the potential of generating energy from sunlight. We discussed up and coming applications like flexible solar panels, thin films integrated with photovoltaics, solar tiles, floatovoltaics, and solar windows. These are currently in their infancy as far as sales and production, but we thought it might be fun to list other projects on the solar horizon. Keep in mind that the following ideas are not available yet, but they provide an interesting picture of future possibilities.

BIPV Technology

Building-integrated photovoltaics, or BIPV, is a technology specializing in using building architecture for generating solar power. Solar windows and tiles are versions of BIPV. Researchers now have their sights set on utilizing the entire building structure. Imagine if your garage door, walls, and skylights all generated electricity as the sun passes over your home! The entire outside of your house would be one big solar power system!

Solar Skins

One of the challenges with solar panels is that they need to be within a certain angle of the sun in order to efficiently generate electrical power. Currently in development, solar skins fit over your solar panels and redirect the light coming in at poor angles, so it meets the solar cells at more efficient angles. This could greatly increase the solar hours of your panels, as well as their efficiency. Researchers are also considering pattern wraps, so the skins camouflage your panels to look just like your roof shingles.

Solar Filaments

This might seem more in the realm of science fiction – and for now, it is. But companies are attempting to produce solar filaments embedded in fabrics. This could lead to wearable technology like clothing that provides warmth or electrical charging capabilities. This technology might also spill into BIPV applications like curtains and sun umbrellas.

Reverse Solar Panels

Another technology in the works is thermoradiative photovoltaic panels, or reverse solar panels. After the sun goes down, the heat collected by your roof and solar panels radiates into the night air. Thermoradiative cells use that radiated heat to generate electricity while everything cools off. The plan is to combine this technology with photovoltaic cells, so future solar panels will generate electricity both day and night.

Back to the Present

With all these amazing ideas in development, the future of solar power is brighter than ever. But what about now? Well, there’s no need to look further than Solaron. We work exclusively with SunPower systems, including their Maxeon line, because they stay on the cutting edge of currently available solar technologies. We also keep up to date on the latest solar trends, incentives, programs, and technologies to make sure you get products with the best options. To find out more, give Solaron a call at 408-292-4328 in the Bay Area and 916-631-9293 in Sacramento. You can also click the link at the top of this page to schedule a free solar analysis. Once you contact us, we’ll show you how having a solar system benefits you now and in the future.

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