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Heliocol Weathers the Weather

Heliocol panels

For the last two years the Sacramento area has received a huge influx of rain. Along with that rain has come very high winds. Massive gusts of wind following heavy downpours result in fallen trees and downed power lines. How do Heliocol solar pool heating systems fare in such inclement weather?

With over 40 years of solar pool heating experience, Heliocol’s design offers enduring strength and optimal performance. Each solar pool heating system is a testament to innovative engineering, withstanding everything from the gentlest showers to the most ferocious gales. This protects both your solar pool heating system, and the roof where it is installed.

Engineered to Withstand the Elements

Heliocol differentiates itself with its exceptional resilience to inclement weather. Here are a few details as to why Heliocol survives high winds.

  • Fewer Roof Penetrations – Heliocol’s installation minimizes roof penetrations by 50%-60%, but is still securely attached during storms.
  • Individual Tube Design – this patented feature resists lift and stays put in high winds, eliminating the need for additional tie-downs. The system allows for thermal expansion and contraction without compromising its structural integrity or efficiency, a crucial factor in weathering cold and hot conditions.
  • Over-Molded Header Construction – this process eliminates weak points and potential leaks, ensuring that even during downpours, the system remains leak-free and fully operational. The over-molding construction method also contributes to the system’s longevity, reducing maintenance concerns related to weather damage.

Heliocol systems are built to last and to blend seamlessly with your roofline. This maintains your home’s quality appearance. In addition, the installation experience offered by Solaron employees ensures your Heliocol system is installed with the best configuration and integrity.

Maintenance-Free Solar Heating

Beyond its strength against the elements, Heliocol’s ease of maintenance is unparalleled. Hassle-free operation extends the life of your pool heating system and guarantees consistent performance. When the storms stop, Heliocol lets you leverage every sunny day to the fullest. Let Solaron equip your home with Heliocol, where every feature promises resilience and efficiency, no matter the weather!

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