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How SunPower Helps Communities

SunPower Helps Communities

The primary reason for our continuing use of SunPower photovoltaic panels is their industry-leading long-term efficiency. In addition to being a leader in quality manufacturing, SunPower is also known for its contributions to communities worldwide. Leveraging its ready access to solar energy equipment, SunPower helps educators and schools keep the power on in remote locations in partnership with We Share Solar.

Helping Educators Teach About Solar

How does this partnership work? SunPower supports We Share Solar as it educates educators about solar energy and how solar panels produce electricity. In workshops throughout the country, including nearby Woodland in Yolo County, teachers are trained to build a “solar suitcase” that transfers energy from solar panels to portable lights and electronic devices. Students then make additional suitcases for hands-on lab sessions and community service projects.

Bringing Solar Electricity Abroad

After the students build the solar suitcases with their teachers, SunPower and We Share Solar ship the suitcases to the Philippines. Volunteers there then take SunPower solar panels and batteries made locally to install with the suitcases in remote schools that have no access to the national electrical grid. This provides teachers, students and families with solar powered light and electricity for charging cell phones and other devices.

You too can benefit from the same energy efficiency that is being donated to faraway rural schools. SunPower solar panels are guaranteed to continue producing free electricity from the sun for over 25 years! For more information about installing solar power for your home, contact Solaron in Sacramento at 916-631-9293 or use our online request form to chat with one of our technicians. Solaron and SunPower — providing energy for life!

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