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Objection Sustained

Future Energy Sustainability

What will the future be like for our children?  Will they have flying cars, personal rocket ships and ray guns? Probably not. Will they have food, shelter, and a good living? We certainly hope so. Nevertheless, whatever form the future takes for our kids, they will need power to keep it going. By “power,” we mean raw power – energy for life. Where will they get it?

Thinking of future generations, many young people raise objections to quickly using up natural resources. The Earth produces fossil fuels at an extremely slow rate, especially when compared to how rapidly we consume them. Wood is relatively renewable, but not at the rates of consumption we see around the world today. Currently, the only power sources for later generations will be renewable forms of energy, like electricity from photovoltaic cells. Renewable energy sources therefore play an important role in sustainability.

What is Sustainability?

The concept of sustainability includes building and maintaining infrastructure and resources that can be used and relied upon by future generations. It focuses on developing recyclable and renewable resources, so we do not run out of things like natural gas, oil, or coal before reliable replacements are available. Sustainability ensures that the lifestyle of future generations will be equal to – or better than – our own. To put it in cinematic terms, we want our progeny to be more Star Trek and less Mad Max.

Using photovoltaic solar panels, like the ones provided by Solaron in Sacramento, takes the free supply of sunlight and changes it into electricity. Many households already sustain their lives on solar power, relying very little on their local electrical grid – if at all. As photovoltaic technology continues developing and improving, solar power will decisively outshine fossil fuels as an energy resource.

Recycling with Solar

When it comes to recycling, sources like natural gas, oil and coal don’t offer much to recycle – they get used up, and that’s the end of it. With solar panels, plans to recycle older ones were incorporated into the industry early on. However, it might take a while before current models wear down to the point that they need replacing. For instance, solar panels made by SunPower (the only panels Solaron installs) include a 25-year warranty. If there’s any issue with one of your panels, Solaron can easily replace the panel as well as begin the recycling process on the old one. That will sustain your savings and your energy production.

Both Solaron and SunPower go to great lengths to make sure that generations to come enjoy a sustainable future. If you would like more information on the recycling process or how Solaron can help you and your legacy develop sustainability, please contact us by phone or here on our website. For who can object to sustainability?

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