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Planning for a Solar Investment

Solar Analysis

Not all homes are created equal. When it comes to solar power, what’s good for a farmhouse might not work for a suburban tract home. Many factors come into play when creating a photovoltaic plan, for instance:

  • Surface area and configuration of the roof
  • The number of individuals living in the home, and how much electricity they use
  • Your utility company
  • Shade trees or structures that might shade rooftop solar
  • Pre-existing rooftop components, like solar pool heating
  • Weather and sun patterns
  • Property regulations

There are other factors that might need consideration, depending on your location and financial circumstances. That’s why it’s so beneficial to get highly trained and experienced agents from Solaron to provide a solar analysis. We inspect the factors that relate to creating the best solar system possible for your property. When providing a solar analysis, we understand that our customers want to take advantage of as many rebates and incentives as possible. That’s why Solaron keeps constant watch on the solar industry, including city, county, utility, and federal assistance programs for photovoltaic installations.

Best of all, it doesn’t cost anything to find out how your home can benefit from solar power installed by Solaron. We offer a free solar analysis that considers your finances, best panel configurations, projected cost savings, and more. To schedule your free solar analysis, contact Solaron by phone or fill out our convenient online form. Let’s see how making a big choice like a solar investment can benefit you!

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