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When You Need Electricity Made in the Shade

Solar Power in the Shade

The best place to install solar panels is somewhere without shade. The whole point of a photovoltaic panel is to collect as much sunlight as possible and turn it into electricity. Shade from trees or other objects represents lost photons and reduced energy production. While it’s easy for photovoltaic power plants and businesses with large, tall buildings to find shade-free spots, the typical residential home faces greater challenges when it comes to no-shade installations. That’s why customers of Solaron in Sacramento have a tremendous advantage thanks to our exclusive use of SunPower solar panels.

SunPower — More Efficient in the Shade

SunPower solar panels were tested in the shade and the results are eye opening. As you might expect from all the good publicity about SunPower, their photocells are more efficient than those made by other manufacturers, especially in the shade! The highest quality residential panel, the X-Series from SunPower, creates five times more energy than the average solar panel when shaded by a single leaf. The more economical E-Series panel from SunPower still beats the competitors, performing three times better than the average solar panel when working with shade. So even when you buy an economy system from SunPower, you are still getting a top of the line photovoltaic system.

This testing was not performed by SunPower or Solaron, but by an independent laboratory specializing in photovoltaic studies. PV Evolution Labs of Berkeley, California is one of the nation’s highly regarded performance testers for the solar industry. For more information about SunPower testing and how their solar panels can work for your home or business, contact Solaron of Sacramento online or by calling 916-631-9293.

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