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Solar Power and the World Climate

World Climate

The war between Russia and Ukraine is on many minds. The United States is far from the front lines, but we already feel the repercussions when filling our tanks at the gas station. Experts at the UN say that many countries can expect food shortages very soon. Along with this, exports of natural gas are blocked, meaning that many European countries face the task of finding alternative energy sources. According to the Center for Energy Research at the Norwegian Institute for International Affairs, Europe is certain to turn their development efforts toward renewable energy sources.

In theory, this will help the environment and motivate nations to reach certain climate goals sooner than expected. As a result, the demand for solar power systems will increase, possibly beyond supply. As time goes on, prices may rise along with demand, even in the United States.

Seize the Day!

Now is the best time to look into a photovoltaic power system for your home. Solaron is happy to help you reduce your reliance on the local power grid, perhaps even getting you independent of the grid completely. Solaron uses SunPower solar systems exclusively, which are covered by a comprehensive 25-year warranty. They are also the most efficient solar panels, giving you more energy for fewer panels, ultimately helping you to save on the bottom line.

The US is sure to feel some of the impact of the Ukraine and Russia conflict. Installing a solar panel system now will let you benefit from renewable energy and avoid any rising costs in the future. For more information, contact our office at (408) 292-4328 in the Bay Area, and (916) 631-9293 in Sacramento. Or if you prefer, fill out our online form to schedule a free solar analysis for your home.

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