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Solar Power is a #1 Energy Priority

Solar Survey

This year a famous public survey organization, the Pew Research Center, examined the question of how people in the United States feel about alternative energy. On the surface, this may seem like a controversial topic, yet the results point to an overwhelming conclusion – Americans favor the further development of alternative forms of energy, including solar power.

What the Survey Says

Pew interviewed over 1500 people as they compiled this survey. They asked this question: “Should alternative energy or fossil fuels be the more important priority for addressing America’s energy supply.” The results showed that the vast majority of citizens favor focusing on alternative energy development versus moving to expand the use of fossil fuels. Fully 68% overall took this position towards prioritizing the development of wind and solar power in the U.S.

Even when you factor in differences in politics, the majority of respondents in both major U.S. political parties preferred seeing alternative energy as the priority. When age was considered, alternative energy still won out over fossil fuels. Naturally, young people are the most accepting of solar and wind energy development, but even those in the 65 and over age group were 50% in favor of building up our alternative energy resources over fossil fuels.

How Solaron Can Help

Solaron of Sacramento is happy to play a role in this positive movement by offering a free solar analysis to our potential customers. An experienced technician will assess your situation and afterwards show you how to make solar energy a priority for your home by providing a free quote for solar panel installation. We can also discuss the various monetary incentives (federal, state and local), that apply to installing photovoltaic systems. For more information, contact Solaron online or by calling 916-631-9293.

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