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The Solar Secretariat

Solar Secretariat

What Can a Racehorse Tell Us About Solar Power?

In 1973 a horse named Secretariat was the first to win the Triple Crown in 25 years. But it wasn’t just the fact that he won, but how he did it. He left the competition in the dust by 10 lengths, then 20, and then an astounding 31 lengths. No horse could catch him, although they all kept trying.

In the photovoltaic power industry, California performs very much like that horse of legend. The Solar Energy Industry Association, or SEIA, released a report that shows the top 10 Solar States, ranked by total installed solar capacity (including both utility power plants and private property installations). According to that report, Florida produces almost 5,000 megawatts (or MW), while North Carolina is nearly at 6500 MW. Texas, in the #2 position, stands with 6700 MW production. California is far in the lead, however, producing more than 29,000 megawatts — that’s more solar power than the 6 closest competitors combined!

The data through the third quarter of 2020 show numbers that also impress. California’s solar power is enough to power 7,859,309 homes, and creates 74,255 solar jobs. The percentage of the state’s electricity from solar power currently stands at 22.27%. California’s goal is to provide 60% of its energy needs through renewable energy sources by the end of 2030. Combined with wind, hydroelectric plants (small and large), biomass and geothermal energy production, the total amount of green energy production in California already is over 40%, according to the California Energy Commission (based on 2018 statistics).

Get Back on the Horse

With recent political and social unrest, as well as the COVID pandemic, many California residents are beginning to feel like they were “thrown off the horse.” But Californians are adaptable and we find opportunities in hardship. Solar power is still a fantastic opportunity for homeowners in California. With different programs from federal and state sources, installing a photovoltaic system has never been easier or more affordable. In fact, the same SEIA report shows that prices for solar panel systems have fallen 45% in the past 5 years!
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