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UC Davis Uses SunPower

UC Davis Uses SunPower

Why Not You?

In another demonstration of the superiority of SunPower solar panels, the Sacramento Valley’s UC Davis generates more than 20 megawatts of electrical power using SunPower photovoltaics. Since SunPower is the preferred solar panel for this respected university, shouldn’t it be on your roof too? Solaron of Sacramento installs SunPower solar panels for all of its customers, since we know they are the best value when comparing efficiency, durability, ease of use and price.

The latest UC Davis project is a sixteen megawatt power plant, located south of campus, just beyond Highway 80. These solar panels provide fourteen percent of the university’s electricity, a significant amount for such a large campus. In addition, prior projects placed about a megawatt of power in parking lots and on buildings, while the West Village housing complex features a four megawatt SunPower solar system.

Setting a Carbon Free Goal

This large commitment to solar electricity is based on a 2017 goal at UC Davis to provide sixty percent of campus power from carbon-free sources, such as solar, wind and hydroelectric. Overall, the entire UC system plans to be carbon-free by 2025. If other campuses follow the lead of UC Davis, SunPower solar panels will be a huge part of this effort.

You too can benefit from the good decision-making at UC Davis! SunPower solar panels have the highest efficiency and longest guarantee of any photovoltaic panel made for the home market. Talk to a Solaron technician and request a free consultation to determine how SunPower can also electrify your house, reducing your electric bill and your carbon footprint.

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