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Why Install Solar Panels: Emergency Power

Power Outage

A home solar electricity system has advantages beyond saving you money on your electrical bill. One of these is providing you with emergency power during electrical outages. Depending on the size of your photovoltaic system, powering every last item in your home may not be an option, but you can certainly keep vital equipment running until grid electricity is restored. And if you want a fully functional home during outages, Solaron specialists can certainly show you the design requirements for crafting such a system.

Why Outages Occur

Some outages occur due to excessive demand on the grid. While your solar system will certainly help reduce that demand, when the grid fails due to insufficient supply (and that happens usually in the summer), your house will continue to power on. Summer outages are the type where a solar system is most handy, as the potential electrical output of your photovoltaic cells is highest during this season.

Stormy weather outages are a greater difficulty for solar cells. With bad weather comes reduced sunlight, and your system may not generate enough electricity to power every appliance in your house. If you commonly experience such outages, you may want to discuss adding a battery bank to your solar system. This will store electricity made during sunny periods to be used during nighttime or foul weather electrical outages. It is admittedly the ultimate form of solar energy backup.

Solaron Meets Your Needs

Ultimately, the amount of solar power backup you install is based on just two things: your space available for solar panels and your budget. At Solaron, we exclusively install SunPower photovoltaics, the most efficient panels available on the solar market. Therefore, you are guaranteed the best backup system possible. Using these optimum products, our design technicians will create the system you want and need for the ultimate in cost savings and emergency power. Contact Solaron now at 916-631-9293 or by using our online request form to get started on protecting your home from blackouts with the power of the sun!

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