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Will Solar Panels Reduce My Electricity Bill?

Reduce Your Electrical Bill

One of the number one reasons for purchasing solar panels is to reduce your energy bill. It is this very reduction in costs that ultimately pays for an investment in solar power and helps you to experience a net benefit in the future. But how much of an advantage can you expect to see? Two factors definitely come into play when you consider how much money a photovoltaic system from Sacramento’s Solaron can save you from month to month. One is the amount of power you generate and the other is the unavoidable march of inflation.

How Much Power Will You Generate?

The amount of power you create with solar panels is really dependent on two things: the amount of sunlight in your area and the size of your solar system. Fortunately, California is an excellent state for generating solar electricity, as we experience significant amounts of sunshine year-round due to our Mediterranean climate. To have higher amounts of sunshine in the United States you basically need to move to Arizona!

Given that Californians already have an excellent location for solar, the size of your solar array determines how much electricity that sunshine will actually make. A typical installation provides at least half of a customer’s electrical needs, but many households are able to install even larger systems. By using SunPower solar panels, Solaron is already using the most effective panels available on the consumer market, so we can assure you that the power you will create is the best possible for your budget and available space.

If you meet half your electrical needs, then take a look at your typical electrical bill and you will instantly see the monetary advantage to installing a solar electrical system. If you have a swimming pool and add a solar heating system, the cost advantages go even further. These savings will continue as long as the panels are working efficiently – guaranteed to be 25 years!

What About Inflation?

Throughout the country, inflation pushes up the cost of electricity by an average of 2.5% per year. California has unfortunately suffered more than other states when it comes to outrageous electrical costs, so many customers here see even greater annual increases. Now consider that once you pay for your solar system, that one-time construction cost is done – your system does not suffer from inflation! From that point forward, you experience only the reduction in your electrical bill.

As your neighbors without solar panels go through the years, however, their bill continues to go up. As that bill increases, your monthly savings become greater and greater. Inflation now leads to you saving more money per month, compared to what you would have paid without installing photovoltaic panels. Rising costs are now dampened by the benefits of creating your own electrical power.

For more information about how you can reduce or eliminate your electrical bill by installing a solar system from Solaron, contact one of our team members for a free consultation at 916-631-9293 or use our online appointment form to request assistance. Solaron — we provide energy for life!

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