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Grid, or No Grid?

Off Grid

One tantalizing idea that comes with adding a photovoltaic panel system to your home is going off-grid. Effectively, you sever your connection to the local power grid and no longer pay for electricity from a utility company. For many people, the idea of cutting all ties with certain electrical companies in California sounds great! The only electrical power you can use, however, is what your home system generates.
With the tech-heavy lifestyle of most residents in California, generating enough electricity to completely replace what the grid supplies is a substantial feat. To go off-grid, a family would need to generate enough electricity to power their home, which includes power-hungry things like:

  • a refrigerator and freezer
  • televisions, computers, tablets, game consoles
  • a clothes washing machine
  • the dishwasher
  • hair dryers
  • vacuum cleaners
  • microwave oven
  • HVAC units

That’s just a general list – you might also need to include specific things like an electric car, swimming pool pumps and filters, or medical equipment. Honestly, Californians use more electricity than they typically realize. Even though a solar panel system for your home is the preferred option, there are still reasons why keeping connected to the grid is a good idea.

Community Support Through the Grid

A photovoltaic power system on the roof of your home will generate electricity whenever the sun is up. Undoubtedly there will be times when your system generates more electricity than you are using – for instance, when you are on vacation, or even when the family is at work and school. If it’s not being used, that extra electricity needs to go somewhere. Sending it to the local grid makes electricity available for others in your neighborhood who need it.

Net Metering on the Grid

This is one of the most popular reasons to install a solar panel system and stay connected to the grid. When your surplus electricity is sent to the grid, you get credit for it. That credit is applied to whatever electricity you used from the grid, reducing your electric bill. That’s net metering. Solaron works with SunPower solar systems exclusively, and they are the most efficient panel systems on the market. That means you’re even more likely to generate more electricity than you’ll use. If you send that electricity to the grid, your local utility is required to compensate you. If you go off-grid, that option is not available.

The Grid as Safety Net

Having a backup plan in place is important. Even if you never use a backup plan, it sets your mind at ease knowing that if the status quo changes, your MO doesn’t have to. There might be times when you need more electricity than your system can provide. For example, you might need more electricity during cold winter months, when the sun is not out as much and your heater runs for longer periods. During the holiday season, people make large electrical displays in their yards. In cases like this, having a link to the grid becomes a support, allowing you to use the extra electricity when you need it.

Meet Your Electricity Goals with Solar

Whatever your goals may be — to sever your ties to utilities, become more self-sufficient, benefit your community, reduce the risk of brownouts or blackouts, or even improve your property value — a solar panel system helps with any of those goals. You can untie yourself from the power grid, but it takes a lot of dedication to reducing your energy usage and a PV system that may be larger than you expect. Solaron is ready and waiting to help you meet whatever goals you set, offering decades of experience in consultation and installation. To find out the many ways a solar panel installation will benefit your family and your home, please give us a call or schedule a free solar analysis using our online form.

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