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The Power of Reduction

Power of Reduction

There are places in our lives where less is more. Eating less often results in weighing less, and that can bring health benefits. We take medications and remedies to spend less time being sick. And when we use less, we tend to spend less, giving us more flexibility in our budget.

To contribute to budgetary flexibility, however, most of us don’t take advantage of a resource that’s all around us. The sun provides an abundance of light. Much of it goes wasted on roads, driveways, and rooftops. Investing in solar panels let’s us collect that unused sunlight and convert it, gaining useful electricity. The more electricity you gain from solar panels, the less you have to pay for. And when you use less electricity, you have more money to spend.

More Gains, More Reduction

To get the most from your solar panels, two main factors need consideration: sunlight gain and panel gain. Now, there’s a reason our state is called “Sunny California.” We get significant amounts of sunlight all year. One report shows an average of 245 days of sunny and partly sunny days in cities throughout California. Of course, the more sunlight we get, the more power that solar panels can generate.

Likewise, the more panels you have, the more sunlight that is captured and converted to electricity. Thirty panels generate quite a bit more power than only six. With more electricity being effortlessly generated by the panels, you can freely use — or save — more electricity, thereby reducing your electrical footprint.

Another benefit from solar panels is the reduction in roof maintenance. Solar panels often provide shelter, shade and protection for the roof itself, reducing wear from the sun’s rays. Not only that, but solar panel arrays provide gain by adding to the property value of your home.

Furthermore, as the cost of utilities increase due to inflation or other expenditures, your solar power becomes even more valuable. It continues generating electricity at the same price (zero) for your entire household. With each passing year, generating your own power becomes an even better investment.

Solaron uses SunPower solar panels exclusively. By using these top-notch panels, you might not need as many panels to gain the same amount of electricity. In fact, since these top-notch photovoltaic systems come with a 25-year performance warranty, you can rest assured that your solar gains and utility cost reductions will last for at least that long.

Discuss the Benefits in Sacramento

A photovoltaic system allows you to gain power while reducing your operating costs. But how much, exactly, can it save you? Many factors come into play — like the position of your home, how much electricity you use, or whether you want to take advantage of other solar products like power banks or solar pool heating. Our skilled technicians are happy to look at your home, review your concerns, answer your questions, and go over all the available options for your circumstances. Give us a call or schedule a free solar assessment online. Let’s see how we can help you increase your solar gains while reducing your costs.

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