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How Solar Panels WorkScientists originally observed the photoelectric effect in the 1800s, learning that sunlight has the power to produce electricity if it hits specific metals. Even Einstein was involved in solidifying our knowledge of how this phenomena functions. Today, Solaron employs this scientific law to enable Dixon homes make their own power using photovoltaic panels.

What Is a Photovoltaic Panel?

Solaron exclusively uses photovoltaic panels manufactured by SunPower, a leading designer of photovoltaic cells. These cells are put together to make panels of multiple sizes and power configurations. Headquartered in California, SunPower employs the significant amounts of sunshine here in our state to motivate testing that makes photovoltaic panels that regularly beat the longevity and power of their competition.

Connecting Panels Together

SunPower has also led the development of a number of simple and effective techniques for connecting panels together. It requires many panels to power the ordinary house, and all these panels must be tied together in an electrical network to produce the electricity our customers require. So even though a photovoltaic panel installation may look like one giant panel from a distance, in reality it is multiple smaller panels put together both electronically through wiring and physically through a framework. This setup allows for configurations that fit any roof or platform, such as the shade structures now found on multiple parking lots.

Generating Useful Power

To modify the direct current (DC) electricity generated by your photovoltaic panels to power the alternating current (AC) appliances in your house, Solaron installs an “inverter” inside your photovoltaic system. This component thus alters the electricity to a form your house can use. As a result, photovoltaic panels cut your bill, reduce your carbon footprint, and increase the value of your property.

Start Using Photovoltaic Panels

So stop letting sunshine go to waste on your property! Turn that potential energy into electricity with a photovoltaic system created by Solaron of Sacramento. For information about photovoltaic energy working for your house, contact a Solaron rep at 916-631-9293 or write via our online request form for a no-obligation solar analysis and quote.

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