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Sacramento, CA Solar Services

Solar Energy for Sacramento

SolaronFor a quality solar energy company in Sacramento, you should go with Solaron! An Authorized Dealer for SunPower, our noteworthy agreement with this industry giant provides us with photovoltaic panels that are ahead of the competition in efficiency and durability. And with the experience of more than four thousand installations behind us, Solaron has the experience with designing, making and placing solar systems that you need in a solar energy company.

Solaron provides Sacramento with the following services:

Solar Electricity Systems

For photovoltaic panels produced only by SunPower, come to Solaron. We design systems to fit any property and that work inside your budget.

Solar Pool Heating Systems

Why heat thousands of gallons of water with carbon-emitting gas when you might easily employ the renewable energy of the Sun? Solaron offers Heliocoil pool heating systems for trustworthy temperature gains throughout the cooler months of spring and fall.

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