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Fairfield, CA Solar Services

Delivering Solar Energy to Fairfield

SolaronThere are many solar power contractors in Fairfield who want you to think that the bottom line in solar power is about nothing but cost. You may think differently, however, when a cheap “twenty-year” installation does not perform as expected and the contractor is nowhere to be found! So go with Solaron in Fairfield for solar panels and heating systems respected for their quality and backed by the reviews of thousands of satisfied property owners.

Solaron provides Fairfield with the following services:

Photovoltaic Electricity Systems

For solar panels produced only by SunPower, come to Solaron. We devise systems to fit any property and that work with your budget.

Solar Pool Heating Systems

Why heat thousands of gallons of water with carbon-emitting natural gas when you might simply employ the renewable power of the sun? Solaron offers Heliocoil pool heating systems for reliable temperature gains throughout the cooler months of spring and fall.

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