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How Solar Pool Heating Works in Fairfield, CA

How Does Solar Pool Heating WorkSolar pool heating works very easily by putting pool water through a layout of panels, each made of little tubules. The water gathers the thermal heat and returns to the pool. The water is consistently moving, heating the pool throughout the day. Solar pool panels are strong, contain no moving components, and require no electrical connections.

Solar pool heating panels are generally placed on the roof of the home or another poolside structure. Their low shape makes them aerodynamic. Panel arrangements are adjustable, allowing Solaron to maximize their ability to gather thermal energy.

What System is Used by Solaron?

Solaron has served Fairfield since 1994! We are happy to be a family owned and operated company and believe in customer service, trained workers, and providing you the best modules on the market! Solaron is happy to be an Authorized Heliocol Distributor. Heliocol is the leading pool solar business worldwide with the best product warranty. Solaron is and has been the largest California Heliocol dealer since 2010. Our sales and installation workers receive ongoing training and support from Heliocol. We do our own installations, with our own workers. Fully licensed and insured, Solaron has never received a negative report with the contractor’s board and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
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