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How Solar Panels WorkThe practical production of photovoltaic (PV) cells started a revolution in electricity production. When sunlight lands on these cells, materials and elements inside them produce electrons that make power by generating electricity. So how are these “solar” cells employed to make PV panels and how does Solaron combine these to provide free electricity to customers all over Granite Bay?

What Makes a Photovoltaic Panel?

Solaron exclusively installs solar panels manufactured by SunPower, a leading designer of solar cells. These cells are tied together to produce panels of many sizes and power configurations. Headquartered in California, SunPower applies the significant quantities of sunshine here in our state to motivate testing that designs solar panels that consistently supersede the longevity and output of their competition.

Linking Panels Together

Many panels are tied together to produce enough electricity to run a house. Most properties have a specific amount of space that can be given to solar panels. Here is where the SunPower advantage regularly shines! By offering solely the most powerful solar panels, Solaron makes it straightforward to maximize your system output, even where minimal space is available. And the SunPower connection system is created to be durable, yet easy to connect, minimizing the time you have to wait for your system to be operational.

Transforming Into Useful Current

To alter the direct current (DC) electricity produced by your solar panels to power the alternating current (AC) devices in your house, Solaron installs an “inverter” within your solar system. This piece of equipment thus modifies the electricity to a kind your house can take advantage of. As a result, solar panels lower your bills, minimize your carbon footprint, and improve the value of your home.

Start Using Photovoltaic Panels

You too can take advantage of the significant amounts of sunlight found in California! Installing a solar panel system from Solaron minimizes your bills, lessens your household production of greenhouse gases and starts you now on electricity’s future. For more information about how solar energy will work for your house, contact a Solaron agent at 916-631-9293 for a no-obligation solar analysis and quote.

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