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How Solar Pool Heating Works in Granite Bay, CA

How Does Solar Pool Heating WorkSolar pool heating works really quite simply by pumping pool water through a series of panels, each consisting of small pipes. The water collects the thermal energy and goes back to the pool. The water is continually moving, heating the pool throughout the daytime. Solar pool panels are durable, contain no moving components, and require no electrical connections.

Solaron installs the panels exactly side-by-side in a low array with no unsightly hoses or clamps. The panels are wind-resistant and do not need to be strapped down, adding to their low look. Solar panels work on different roof coverings and orientations. Solaron is expert at investigating each pool and roof to maximize performance and efficiency.

What System is Used by Solaron?

A solar pool installer in Granite Bay for well over twenty years, Solaron can retrofit your pool or install a solar pool heater for a new pool. We place only Heliocol solar pool components and are the largest California Heliocol dealer and distributor. With sales and installation employees fully trained by Heliocol, Solaron guarantees your satisfaction. Get started by calling us today at 916-631-9293 or by using our internet request form!
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