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Why Install Solar Pool Heating in Pleasant Hill, CA

If you have a swimming pool, ask yourself this question: How many times would you have luxuriated in your swimming pool last year if it was just a small bit warmer? A swimming pool is terrific when the weather is warm, but many weeks out of the year it is just unused due to the temperature. With this thought in mind, let’s talk about why you should install a solar swimming pool heater from Solaron of Pleasant Hill!

Solar Swimming Pool Heating Costs Less

Solar swimming pool heating works very simply, with no furnaces and electricity is only needed to run the swimming pool pump and any automatic controllers. So running the system is very low-cost. According to the Department of Energy, installation costs approximately the same as installing other kinds of swimming pool heating. Afterwards, solar swimming pool heaters tend to last longer than electricity or natural gas heating systems. Therefore in the end, solar swimming pool heating makes the best monetary sense.

Solar Swimming Pool Heating Increases the Swimming Season

Every year days start to get longer and you think about swimming. But you look at the swimming pool temperature and it is just too cool for your tastes! A solar swimming pool heater solves this situation. Once the sun is again strong and shining, you can “pump up” the temperature of the swimming pool. And when your neighbors are rolling out the swimming pool cover for the fall and winter, you can keep on swimming for many weeks more.

Request Full Temperature Automation

Solaron uses Heliocol swimming pool heating technology. We trust Heliocol to work effectively and efficiently every time, with every installation. Olympic organizers trust them too, with Heliocol solar swimming pool heaters installed for the Atlanta, Athens and Beijing Olympics. Whether your swimming pool is too cool, or seems a little too warm, a solar swimming pool heater boosts the temperature with warm daytime operation or limits temperatures by pumping cooler water at night.

Solaron is the #1 Heliocol Dealer

When you determine to install a Heliocol solar swimming pool heater, you want the best contractor you can find. Solaron has the most experience in Pleasant Hill, since we are the #1 contractor for Heliocol in all of California. When you think about the large number of swimming pools throughout the state, and the size of its cities, that really means something! Purchase your solar swimming pool heater with confidence by going with Solaron! Call us today at 916-631-9293 or online through our website.
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