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Why Install Solar Panels in Sonoma, CA

Why You Should Use Solar Panels

Why Install Solar PanelsIf we discuss California electricity costs, based on the U.S. average for household electrical usage, the ordinary person in Sonoma spends about $135 per month on their electricity expenses. If you have a large household, a swimming pool or lots of electronics, your bill is likely greater. Solar electricity changes all of that! Investigating a yearly average, some clients are even able to cut their total expenses to zero. That’s the monetary advantage of getting your electricity from sunshine.

Everyone knows that installing solar panels cuts your electricity costs. It is the upfront cost that scares most clients in Sonoma away from immediately seeing their energy expenses drop, in some cases even down to zero. We will talk about costs in a moment, but now let’s discuss the environmental benefits. The Environmental Protection Agency figures that the ordinary American household uses almost 15,000 pounds of carbon every year only to provide electricity for their household. This means that if you install solar panels, in twenty years you will go from dumping 300,000 pounds of carbon into the atmosphere to releasing a minor portion of that amount. So if you want your property to help change the balance on global warming, solar electricity is a terrific place to begin.

Since both municipalities and governments see benefits of clients adding solar panels to their properties, different incentives are offered that substantially cut the installation costs. Our Solaron sales reps are experienced with these programs and in what areas they exist. So call Solaron today to find out how you can save money both before and after your solar installation, while simultaneously doing your part for the future.

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