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Heliocol Solar Panels in Vacaville, CA

Heliocol Solar Swimming Pool Heating Panels

Solaron is the best-selling California installer for Heliocol solar pool heating panels. Heliocol is the international leader in pool heating with more sold systems yearly than any competing manufacturer, for many years continuously! Solaron has been the best-selling California installer for Heliocol since 2010.

Heliocol solar pool heating panels are low profile and aesthetically pleasing. They are readily installed on various roofs, patio covers, and ground mounted. The included manufacturer warranty is 12 years – parts and labor.

Why does Heliocol heating work so efficiently? First, outside of the water pump that already comes with your pool, there are no moving components. Second, all external parts are covered with ultraviolet protection. Third, Solaron is one of the most experienced Heliocol contractors in all of California, with systems installed over fifteen years ago in Vacaville that still work today!

So choose the leading authorized Heliocol dealer in Vacaville, Solaron! For further information about extending your swim season today, contact us at (916)631-9293. Solaron helps you use energy for life!

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