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How Solar Pool Heating Works in Walnut Creek, CA

How Does Solar Pool Heating WorkSolar pool heaters work extremely simply. The pool pump sends your pool water through a layout of black panels. Each panel has small tubules that absorb solar heat and pass it to the water. When the water departs the layout of panels, it is considerably warmer. Return pipes pass it right back to your pool. A thermostat regulates the process to make certain your temperature stays right where you need it, even cooling your pool by pumping water during the nighttime.

Solar pool heating panels are generally placed on the roof of your home or another poolside building. Their sleek profile makes them aerodynamic. Panel arrangements are modular, allowing Solaron to maximize their capability to absorb thermal energy.

What System is Used by Solaron?

A solar pool contractor in Walnut Creek for well over twenty years, Solaron can retrofit your pool or install a solar pool heater for a new pool. We build only Heliocol solar pool parts and are the largest California Heliocol dealer and distributor. With sales and installation employees fully trained by Heliocol, Solaron guarantees your satisfaction. Get started by calling us today at 916-631-9293 or by using our website request form!
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