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Heliocol Solar Panels in West Sacramento, CA

Heliocol Solar Pool Heating Panels

Solaron is the #1 California dealer for Heliocol solar pool heating panels. Heliocol is the international leader in pool temperature control with more installed systems annually than any competing manufacturer, for many years continuously! Solaron has been the #1 California dealer for Heliocol since 2010.

Heliocol solar pool heating panels are low profile and aesthetically pleasing. They are readily installed on various roofs, patio covers, and ground racks. The included manufacturer warranty is twelve years – parts and labor.

With no moving parts and including UV protection, Heliocol solar pool heating panels therefore provide many years of proven, trouble-free heating control! For example, right here in West Sacramento, Solaron can lead you to local systems that have continuously operated and for over 15 years!

As an authorized Heliocol dealer, Solaron proudly stands behind every temperature control system we sell and build. For additional information about having solar pool heating installed in West Sacramento, contact us today at (916)631-9293. Solaron – energy for life!

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