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Using Integration to Avoid Fault Points

Seamless Integration

When a project has different entities responsible for supplying or installing different parts, every place those parts connect is a potential fault point. With photovoltaic power systems, if one company makes the inverters, another builds the panels, a third party supplies the conduit, a fourth creates the mounting structure, and so on, each of these areas of interaction are potential fault points. Although all photovoltaic components are meant to interact, the companies making them need good communication to maintain product consistency.

SunPower noted this problem in the solar industry early on in its history. After years of research and development, plus decades of field experience, SunPower offers fully-integrated solar systems and storage platforms of their own design. Seamless integration requires every component to be designed and manufactured by a single company. For SunPower, that company is Maxeon. From the mounting brackets to the hookups that link solar electricity to your home, all of it is designed to fit and work together flawlessly.

Because Solaron works exclusively with SunPower solar systems, this integration method is available for any home or business working with us. Not only that, but because of this integrated system, SunPower offers a comprehensive, 25-year system warranty on their solar systems. Instead of making fault points with a piecemeal DIY solar project, take advantage of high-quality, field-tested and approved, integrated solar power from SunPower and Solaron. To find out more, simply give Solaron a call or schedule a free solar analysis for your home online.

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