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Enlightening Inquiries

Enlightening Inquiries

The solar industry continues to grow and develop at an admirable rate. As a result, more and more solar sales and installation companies are advertising in the market. Some of them offer deals that seem too good to be true, and you remember what that can mean! That’s why it’s important to ask pertinent questions of representatives offering to provide you with a solar system for your home or business. Here are some examples that Solaron of Sacramento invites you to ask us!

What Solar Systems Do You Offer?

Some solar manufacturers produce systems of very poor quality, hiding behind panels that are “cheaper” and less efficient by simply installing more panels on your roof. At Solaron, we exclusively use SunPower products, since SunPower is the efficiency and longevity leader in the solar industry. Their 25-year warranty on every panel gives us pride and peace of mind. We’ve never found anyone able to compare with SunPower’s reliability and manufacturing quality.

When Did You Start Installing Solar Systems?

Ask not just how long has a company been in business, but how long have they been installing panels, batteries, inverters and other equipment for a solar system. With time comes experience, additional training, and versatility. Solaron has been installing solar systems since 1994. Many of our early installations are still working properly, changing light into electricity. Not only that, but our installation team is constantly improving their knowledge of tools, techniques, and procedures with the latest information.

What About Incentives?

Unfortunately, some companies focus too much on the quantity of their installations, so the quality of customer service suffers. It’s important for you to question a company about the quality of their customer service. And that quality is demonstrated by how quickly they are able to provide a satisfactory answer.

How Do You Stand Behind Your Product?

Notice this question! It is not enough to ask if a company stands behind their product — it’s too easy to reply with an insincere “Yes.” Ask them for details! What procedures do they have in place to address repairs or replacements? From years of experience working with one manufacturer, Solaron is prepared and ready to address your warranty needs with SunPower equipment.

Of course, there might be other questions or concerns that would prove beneficial to ask in your circumstances. We encourage you to read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page here on our website. And if you have further inquiries, we’re here for you. Give us a call at 916-631-9293 or request an appointment here on our website. We’ll use our experience, knowledge and solar understanding to give illuminating answers to all your solar inquiries.

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