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How Solar Panels WorkResearchers initially studied the photoelectric effect in the 19th Century, learning that the Sun has the ability to make electricity when it falls on certain metals. Even Albert Einstein was occupied in developing our knowledge of how this phenomena functions. Today, Solaron applies this natural law to aid Lincoln houses generate their own electricity using solar panels.

What Makes a Photovoltaic Panel?

Solaron exclusively installs solar panels produced by SunPower, a leading developer of solar cells. These cells are put together to generate panels of various sizes and output configurations. Based in California, SunPower applies the considerable amount of sunshine here in our state to drive testing that develops solar panels that consistently outperform the durability and performance of their competitors.

Putting Panels Together

SunPower has also led the development of a number of simple and effective systems for connecting panels together. It takes many panels to power the typical house, and all these panels must be linked together in an electrical network to make the electricity our clients require. So even though a solar panel array may look like one giant panel from a distance, in reality it is various smaller panels put together both physically through a framework and electronically through wiring. This system allows for configurations that fit any roof or platform, such as the shade structures now shading various parking lots.

Getting Helpful Current

To alter the direct current (DC) electricity made by your solar panels to power the alternating current (AC) appliances in your house, Solaron installs an “inverter” inside your solar system. This component thus modifies the electricity to a kind your house can use. As a result, solar panels lower your bills, minimize your carbon footprint, and improve the value of your house.

Start Using Photovoltaic Panels

You too can take advantage of the large amounts of sunlight available in California! Installing a solar panel system from Solaron reduces your bills, minimizes your household production of greenhouse gases and starts you now on power’s future. For more information about how solar energy will work for your house, contact a Solaron technician at 916-631-9293 for a free solar analysis and quote.

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