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How Solar Panels Work

Scientists initially observed the photoelectric effect in the 1800s, learning that sunlight has the power to produce electricity if it touches specific metals. Even Einstein was occupied in developing the knowledge of how this phenomena works. Today, Solaron uses this natural law to assist Loomis households produce their own power using photovoltaic panels.

What Is a Solar Panel?

Solar panels, also called PV panels, employ multiple PV cells to produce specific amounts of power. The best photovoltaic panels available for residential use come from SunPower, a company found in California. SunPower makes photovoltaic panels with two distinct advantages over their competition. First, their individual PV cells feature noteworthy efficiency – generating more power when exposed to the sun than cells sold by other manufacturers. Second, SunPower cells are enduring – they feature a very long life and are guaranteed to produce noteworthy amounts of power for 25 years. Solaron installs only SunPower products in its designs.

Putting Panels Together

Many panels are put together to produce enough electricity to run a household. Most properties have a set amount of space that can be dedicated to photovoltaic panels. Here is where the SunPower advantage always shines! By manufacturing only the most powerful photovoltaic panels, Solaron makes it simple to maximize your system performance, even where minimal space is available. And the SunPower connecting system is designed to be enduring, yet easy to connect, minimizing the time you must wait for your system to be operational.

Getting Useful Current

To modify the direct current (DC) electricity made by your photovoltaic panels to power the alternating current (AC) devices in your household, Solaron installs an “inverter” with your photovoltaic system. This component thus adjusts the electricity to a form your household can use. As a result, photovoltaic panels lower your payments, limit your carbon footprint, and increase the value of your property.

Start Using Solar Panels

So stop letting sunshine go to waste on your property! Turn that potential energy into electricity with a photovoltaic system created by Solaron of Sacramento. For details about photovoltaic energy working for your household, contact a Solaron representative at 916-631-9293 or write via our online request form for a free solar analysis and quote.

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