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How Solar Panels WorkScientists originally studied the photoelectric effect in the 19th Century, learning that sunlight has the power to produce electricity when it hits specific metals. Even Albert Einstein was involved in furthering our knowledge of how this phenomena functions. Today, Solaron uses this scientific law to aid Rocklin households create their own electricity using solar panels.

What Makes a Solar Panel?

Solaron exclusively uses solar panels manufactured by SunPower, a leading designer of solar cells. These cells are connected together to create panels of various sizes and output configurations. Located in California, SunPower uses the useful quantity of sun here in our state to spur research that engineers solar panels that consistently beat the longevity and power of their competitors.

Connecting Panels Together

Many panels are connected together to create enough power to run a household. Most properties have a limited amount of area that can be given to solar panels. Here is where the SunPower superiority continually shines! By producing solely the most powerful solar panels, Solaron makes it easy to maximize your system power, even where minimal space is available. And the SunPower connecting system is made to be strong, yet speedy to connect, minimizing the time you have to wait for your system to be completed.

Getting Helpful Current

To adjust the direct current (DC) electricity made by the solar panels to power the alternating current (AC) appliances in your household, Solaron installs an “inverter” inside the solar system. This component thus converts the electricity to a type your household can use. As a result, solar panels lower your payments, minimize your carbon footprint, and increase the value of your home.

Start Using Solar Panels

So quit letting sun go to waste on your home! Turn that potential energy into electricity with a solar system created by Solaron of Sacramento. For information about solar energy working for your household, call a Solaron technician at 916-631-9293 or write via our online request form for a free solar analysis and quotation.
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