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Rocklin SunPower Solar Panels

SunPower Photovoltaic Panels for Rocklin

Solaron solely uses photovoltaic panels from SunPower. The best creator in the solar industry, SunPower remains on top via premium testing and components that give you maximum durability and efficiency. We install SunPower solar systems throughout Rocklin with high quality final products.

One reason why SunPower operates so efficiently is that their modules are installed around the globe. From wind-blown deserts to rainy tropical locations, SunPower stands the test by working through all varieties of conditions. This gives them useful knowledge about making long-lasting solar panels.

Why Select SunPower Photovoltaic Panels?

SunPower solar panels use the supported monocrystalline silicon and Maxeon cell technology. This means that they are the only solar cells built on a solid copper foundation. As a result, SunPower cells are almost impervious to cracking and corroding, common sources of decline in ordinary panels. This is what makes SunPower the leader in the market of innovation and efficiency, sustained by relentless quality control.
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