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Ups and Downs in the Nationwide Solar Industry

Ups and Downs of Solar

There’s no denying that photovoltaic power systems benefit all who use them. From giant solar farms to parking lot carports to rooftop solar to portable panels for camping, solar panels provide electricity to benefit everyone. While electrical utilities and some politicians continue to seek new ways to limit or restrict photovoltaic development, other institutions embrace it with open arms.

Corporate Proposed Solar Restrictions

In early June, Hawaii’s capitol became the center stage for a rally attended by solar advocates, including the Hawaii Solar Energy Association and many local solar companies. Other companies present included the Hawai’i Youth Climate Coalition, Beyond Kona, Tesla, and dozens of others. They urged the governor to veto a bill (SB 2510) that requires at least one third of renewable energy to be generated by “firm” sources, as opposed to “intermittent” sources like wind and solar (as if there is any lack of wind or sun in Hawaii!). Many of the opposers believe that a biomass producer is behind the bill.

Supporters of the bill suggest that relying on intermittent energy sources might make it difficult for utility companies to provide energy for customers. If passed, the bill would limit the number of residents who could install solar panel systems for their home, would halt production on established projects, and restrict job opportunities in the solar industry. As of June 27th, 2022, the governor of Hawaii announced that he plans to veto the bill.

Utility Opposition Not Just In California

Throughout the United States, there are those who see homeowner solar panel systems as an answer, and others who view them as a threat to their energy status quo. California has similar issues: there are those who feel threatened by the growing solar industry, and there are those who recognize it for the benefit that it is. Right now, millions of California homes have a reliable source of electricity converted from free sunlight. Most of them not only power their homes but share their surplus with the rest of the community.

Regardless of what happens in legislation, once you have a solar panel system for your home, you’ll have a reliable source for all your electrical needs. To find out how you can become a part of the solar community and get the best the industry has to offer, give Solaron a call or schedule a consultation online. Let our decades of expertise and well-informed agents work to your advantage. It’s good to know about the ups and downs in the solar industry, but don’t let it stop you from getting ahead of the curve.

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