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Auburn Solar Pool Heating

Solar Pool Heating

Solar Pool Heating Advantages

Solar pool heaters should really be called solar pool temperature control, since they do more than just heat your pool! In the spring, fall and early weeks of summer, when pool temperatures are fairly cool, solar pool heating uses the power of the Sun to warm your pool by pumping water out of your pool, warming it up in solar coils by Heliocol, and then pumping it right back. Plus, in hot summer weeks when the real problem is water that is too warm, a solar heater becomes pool temperature control. At night, when it is cooler, water is pulled out of your pool, cools off in the darkened coils, and then put back in your pool. Truly climate control to improve the temperature of your pool in all seasons!

It is straightforward and it works. Solar rays provides the energy to warm your pool so you may enjoy swimming from Spring to Fall, earlier in the mornings, and later in the evening! Too many people pay for the upkeep of a swimming pool and get very little use out of it, simply because they are uncomfortable with the temperature. Solar pool heating allows you to take complete advantage of a longer swim season and enjoyable water temperatures!

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For additional information about how to have pool temperature control with a Heliocol solar pool heating system, call Solaron in Auburn at 916-631-9293. Our technicians come to your home, check the landscape and the pool and present a no-obligation evaluation for a solar pool heater installation. Trust Solaron for advanced products in solar pool temperature control! We use energy for life!
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