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Why Install Solar Pool Heating in Napa, CA

If you have a swimming pool, ask yourself a question: How many days would you have lounged in your swimming pool last year if it had been just a tad bit warmer? A swimming pool is wonderful when the weather is warm, but many months out of the year it is just unused due to the temperature. With that thought in mind, let’s consider why you should get a solar swimming pool heater from Solaron of Napa!

Solar Pool Heating is Less Expensive

Solar swimming pool heating, compared to other systems, is considerably less expensive and durable. Average the cost of installing it out over fifteen years and the cost is surprisingly low to heat your swimming pool. And anyone who warms their swimming pool with natural gas or electricity knows that it is pricy, both to install your heater and to run it. Therefore if you need to heat your swimming pool, a solar swimming pool heater is the most economical method.

Solar Pool Heating Extends the Swimming Season

When spring comes, suddenly it’s eighty degrees out. However the nights are still cold and the swimming pool is still a little too cool. At that point, you find yourself wishing you had solar heating! That is why it’s time to start thinking about heating your swimming pool! Solar not only keeps your swimming pool warmer during the summer, but it also increases your swimming season from at least April to October.

Solaron uses Heliocol swimming pool heating technology. We believe in Heliocol to work effectively and efficiently every time, with every installation. Olympic organizers believe in them too, with Heliocol solar swimming pool heaters installed for the Atlanta, Athens and Beijing Olympics. Whether your swimming pool is too cold, or seems a little too warm, a solar swimming pool heater ups the temperature with warm daytime operation or limits temperatures by using cooler water at night.

Solaron Installs Only Heliocol

When you decide to get a Heliocol solar swimming pool heater, you want the best contractor you can find. Solaron has the most experience in Napa, because we are the #1 contractor for Heliocol in all of California. When you consider the large number of pools throughout the state, and the size of its cities, that really means something! Purchase your solar swimming pool heater with confidence by going with Solaron! Call us today at 916-631-9293 or online through our Solar Analysis request form.
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