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Napa Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Electricity

Solar Electricity with Solaron

PV SolarWith solar panels making electricity you produce your own electricity and cut or even eliminate your monthly utility costs! Solar electricity is a fast-growing industry because it uses the sun, the largest source of renewable energy! And here to help solar property owners in Napa with the installation process is Solaron!

While there are many different manufacturers of solar panels, Solaron is pleased to be an Authorized Dealer for SunPower. Compared to other ordinary models, SunPower solar panels convert the largest percentage of sunlight into electricity, up to 44% more per square foot than competitors. SunPower manages the entire production process, making the industry’s finest quality, best-looking solar panels. Plus, SunPower panels come with a 25-year efficiency warranty. A leading product installed by a reliable business is a winning combination!

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