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Why Install Solar Panels in Napa, CA

Why You Should Use Photovoltaic Panels

Why Install Solar PanelsEnergy rates are high and continue to rise. Photovoltaic creates clean and green electricity for your property at minimal cost. Save money now and lock in lowered rates with a system that operates for 25 years! Solaron is an experienced solar contractor, and we only use SunPower solar panels, guaranteed for 25 years of life. This makes for a winning solar combination for of our clients in Napa.

Everyone knows that installing solar panels lessens your electricity costs. It’s the upfront cost that scares most customers in Napa away from immediately seeing their utility costs decline, in some cases even down to nothing. We will talk about costs in a moment, but now let’s consider the environmental advantages. The Environmental Protection Agency decided that the usual American household uses almost 15,000 pounds of carbon annually just to provide electricity for their household. This means that if you install solar panels, in twenty years you will go from putting 300,000 pounds of carbon into the atmosphere to releasing a tiny fraction of that amount. So if you want your property to help affect the balance on global warming, solar electricity is a great place to begin.

How else can Solaron make solar cheaper? By means of ongoing incentive programs offered by municipalities and governments! As these vary based on your exact location and power utility, talk with a Solaron sales technician today to hear about these potentially large savings!

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