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Pleasant Hill SunPower Solar Panels

SunPower Solar Panels for Pleasant Hill

SunPower solar modules are nationally recommended as the highest quality consumer product available on the solar market. SunPower has kept this industry-leading role for many years. As a result, Solaron proudly provides SunPower for residents of Pleasant Hill.

Internationally there are more than one hundred thousand residential SunPower solar systems installed. These clients installed SunPower because of its advanced technology, quality product, and lengthy life span. (SunPower was the first photovoltaic company to give a 25-year efficiency guarantee.)

Why Install SunPower Solar Panels?

SunPower solar modules employ the matched monocrystalline silicon and Maxeon cell technology. This means that they are the only solar cells built on a solid copper foundation. As a consequence, SunPower cells are almost impervious to corroding and cracking, common causes of efficiency reductions in standard modules. As a result, SunPower continues to lead the trade in innovation and efficiency, backed by thorough quality control.
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