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How Solar Panels WorkScientists first described the photoelectric effect in the 19th Century, demonstrating that sunlight has the potential to produce electricity when it strikes certain metals. Even Einstein was involved in improving the understanding of how this phenomena works. Today, Solaron applies this scientific principle to assist Pleasant Hill homes make their own electricity using solar panels.

What Is a Photovoltaic Panel?

Solaron exclusively installs solar panels offered by SunPower, a leading designer of solar cells. These cells are tied together to make panels of many sizes and electrical configurations. Headquartered in California, SunPower applies the significant amounts of sunlight here in our state to motivate development that develops solar panels that consistently beat the longevity and power of their competition.

Connecting Panels Together

Many panels are tied together to make enough power to run a house. Most properties have a specific amount of space that can be dedicated to solar panels. Here is where the SunPower advantage always shines! By building solely the most powerful solar panels, Solaron makes it possible to maximize your system power, even where little space is available. And the SunPower connection system is designed to be durable, yet quick to connect, minimizing the time you have to wait for your system to be finished.

Getting Helpful Current

Photovoltaic panels make direct current (DC), but households operate on alternating current (AC). Therefore, your solar system by Solaron needs a device called an “inverter.” This device takes all the solar electricity from your many panels and modifies it to a form your house can use. Extra power can be used to do any of the following:

  • use it to recharge devices, like an electric car;
  • send electricity to the grid to payment from the company;
  • recharge a home battery bank, storing power for later.

While the first option simply needs the proper form of outlet, the other two demand additional components too add functionality to your solar system.

Start Using Photovoltaic Panels

So quit letting sunlight go to waste on your property! Turn that potential power into electricity with a solar system installed by Solaron of Sacramento. For information about solar power working for your house, call a Solaron representative at 916-631-9293 or write via our online request form for a no-obligation solar analysis and quotation.
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